istock 000012338067xsmall ServicesHow we work?

What? no shopping cart?????

We made a conscious decision not to incorporate a shopping cart into our website.  In our opinion this is not the place to start to put together your promotional products.  We start with an initial consultation appointment either on the phone or preferably in person, where we work to develop the following:

  • Form a creative partnership with you, our customer.
  • Become part of the team with you, the “go to” person.
  • We get inside your business, understand its challenges, event calendar, target market and what the Key messages of the brand,
  • We brainstorm with you on all of your marketing issues and messages,
  • We research hard to find items to meet your challenges
  • We work with you to stay inside your annual budget,
  • We use the skills from former professional backgrounds in the disciplines of finance, sales and marketing to support you.
  • We become a pivotal part of your marketing Program.

This saves you the time and stress of plowing through thousands of items in an on-line search, where you have no idea of the quality of the vendor you are looking at.

We of course have our own proprietary software to do the research on your behalf behind the scenes, choosing only those vendors which we have fully vetted and worked with in the past.


Photo of a smart handsome man smiling against white backgroundWho we work with:

Our customer base has been extensive over the last 5 years:

  • Companies – typically with 10 plus employees,
  • Restaurants,
  • Retail Stores (particularly with multiple locations)
  • Non-profits,
  • Sports Organizations,
  • Schools and PTAs

We are not “ORDER TAKERS”, we are “INNOVATORS”.

We have developed a quality network of power partners and power vendors across many disciplines which we draw upon to meet the requirements of each project.  These include, but are not limited to…..

  • Apparel vendors,
  • Branding Strategists
  • Embroidery, Screen Printing and Digital Printing Vendors,
  • Promotional Product Companies,
  • Printers,
  • Sign Makers

We are constantly adding to our vendor listing and will go above and beyond to find the right items for you.

Research shows that the top 5 requirements of a promotional product client are as follows:

  1. The order is handled promptly and arrives on time,
  2. The order is accurate, the quantity is correct, the color is correct, the logo is correct both in terms of size and color etc
  3. Products are available when needed.
  4. The logo is well printed and is visible.
  5. The Representative responds promptly and deals with all concerns

We at London Logos work hard to put these requirements at the top of our priority list.  If these are your requirements too, please contact us so that we may take the pain and stress out of your upcoming trade show, event or marketing campaign: